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Due to popular demand, weather and such, this year our lemons are in short supply. We have a demand much bigger than our supply (a couple hundred people on our notify list now....Wow!) So please be patient. We will be offering our lemons in small quantities at a time throughout the year.

Note: We are currently out of lemons right now, but we expect to begin picking again sometime at the end of March or early April. Please check back, or sign up for our notify list if you'd like to know the minute our lemons are available.

6 lemons $7.00, plus shipping $ $13.50
12 lemons $14.00 plus shipping $ $23.50

If you need more, email us and we'll give you a price. You can send payment through and send it to our email: [email protected]. Thanks!

If you would like email updates in the future about the availability of our lemons, please join our notify list:


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